Case: Koraal

Brixor ensures lasting results. This is also demonstrated by this case study at a Dutch care institution. The institution had been struggling for a long time with a persistent mould problem in its sanitary rooms. In addition to the usual steam cleaning, the cleaning company treated part of the grouts with Brixor as a trial. The results speak for themselves after four years of intensive use.

After 4 years
Treated with Brixor®
Steam treatment
White grouts*
Discolored grouts
Adhesion of impurities
Impurities on the surface only
Staining of the actual material
Daily cleaning
Use of warm water only
Heavy cleaning with detergents
Periodical cleaning (once a month)
Easy to clean with the provided cleaning product**
Thorough cleaning with chemical mould removers
Length and results of the periodical cleaning
Within 10 minutes optimal results/baseline (white grouting)
After 45-60 minutes only a slight improvement
(discolored grouting)
Cleaning products
Very low consumption***
High consumption
* After regular cleaning with the provided cleaning product.
** Spray, let it soak in, then rinse/wipe.
*** Highly diluted, therefore very economical to use (still using the provided bottle after 4 years!)