Colouring grouts

Have the grouts of your tiled floor or wall become discoloured? Or does your chosen grout colour not meet your expectations? With Brixor you can easily restore or change the colour of your grout and protect it.

The colour of grouts determines the appearance of the entire room. It is therefore important to choose and maintain the right colour, while at the same time protecting grouts against dirt and mould. 

Restoring discoloured grout

Brixor restores discoloured grouts to their original colour in no time at all and makes sure they cannot discolour again.

Changing the grout colour

A carefully selected grout colour can turn out to be disappointing or have a different effect due to the influence of light and tile colour. With Brixor you can easily change the colour of the grout.

Available in every colour

Brixor is available in 8 standard colours. With Brixor COLOR you can choose any colour you like, subject to an extra charge. Match the colour to your tiles or opt for a striking combination!

Natural and lasting result

Unlike paint, Brixor penetrates into the grout, preserving its natural structure. The ultra-thin coating has a matt finish and will remain colourfast for years to come.


  • Easy and fast to apply
  • Restore or change grout color permanently
  • Available in almost every colour
  • Durable protection against discolouration
  • New, fresh look
  • Quick and easy to clean