About us

We develop the best grout renovation products for consumers, tilers, cleaners, designers and professionals everywhere.

Brixor is a premium solution for renovating, colouring and protecting grouts in all tiled spaces. It was developed by our Dutch parent company VoegXpert (grout expert).This unique total concept has been successfully applied on the commercial and private market in the Netherlands since 2012 and is now also available to the European market.

Our innovative products are recommended and used by leading cleaning companies, as they are environmentally friendly and save them a lot of time when they are cleaning tiled floors and walls.Independent lab tests and years of intensive use in environments including hotel chains, hospitals and care institutions guarantee a lasting result.

Brixor is exclusively available through our online shop and selected dealers in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. Also interested in a licence? Please contact us soon.

  • Founded in 2010
  • Application service 2012
  • Dutch label 2017
  • Patents for Easyflow/EasyflowPro
  • European label 2020
  • Start Brixor Academy
  • Launch of Brixor online shop

News & updates

Keep up to date with Brixor’s product innovations, best practices and new developments in the area of grout renovation.