Architects & Designers

Grouts have a major impact on the atmosphere and appearance of tiled areas. With Brixor you can give joints any colour you want. This way you can create and maintain exactly the experience you have in mind.

Unlike paint, Brixor penetrates the joint so the natural structure is retained. The ultra thin protective layer dries to a matt finish and ensures that dirt and mould cannot adhere. This way the result of your design remains as new.

Grout colours

Besides 8 standard colours, with Brixor Color you can have any NSC or RAL colour made to order. This gives you the freedom to perfectly match the colour of the tile or to choose a special contrasting colour that gives the room a unique appearance.

Cost effective renovation

With Brixor you can easily renovate existing joints without removing them and re-applying them. This saves time and money for other parts of your project. The result? Tiled floors and walls looking like new again!

Prevent grouting problems

Treat joints preventively with Brixor. This prevents discolouration and gives dirt, mould and bacteria no chance. Tiled areas are much easier to clean and retain that new, luxurious look.

Durable result

Even with intensive use and regular cleaning Brixor ensures a lasting result. Both from an aesthetic and hygienic point of view. It is no coincidence that Brixor has been used for years in hotels, hospitals and care institutions. See the independent lab tests and cases for the commercial market.


  • Suitable for new building and renovation
  • Easy and quick to apply
  • Restore or change joint colours
  • Prevents discolouration
  • Available in every NCS and RAL colour
  • Less maintenance for your customers
  • Dirt and mould repellent
  • Permanently new, luxurious look