Frequently asked questions

Below you will find our frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please contact us.

I am having problems with mould. Will these be a thing of the past after a Brixor treatment?

No, there are technical reasons why mould is forming in your bathroom. Poor ventilation and intensive use create the conditions in which mould starts to form. Brixor will make your grouts look like new again. It also seals porous grout, preventing mould and soap residues from working their way in. After treatment you can simply clean the grouts using the Brixor cleaner supplied.

Is Brixor also available in stores?

For a list of current sales outlets please see our Dealers page.

We would like to use Brixor for toilet blocks. Is this possible?

Of course. Please contact us ( for detailed cleaning instructions.

Do I need to switch off the heating in my bathroom?

It is advisable to switch it off the evening before. Brixor is a water-based product. The colder it is,the easier Brixor is to work with.

Can Brixor be used on a floor with underfloor heating?

Yes, it can! However, you will need to switch off the underfloor heating the evening before. Brixor is a water-based product. The colder it is, the easier Brixor is to work with.

If I forget to remove any excess grout coating, can it do any harm?

The grout coating does not stick to tiles, taps, etc. If necessary, you can easily remove it after 1 day.

What are the requirements for the grout?

The grout must be at least 1 mm deeper than the tile.

My natural stone floor has been polished. Can Brixor be applied in this case?

Brixor can be used as long as the stone is non-absorbent.

Is Brixor also suitable for natural stone?

Brixor is not suitable for porous substrates. If water is absorbed directly into the stone, the grouts are not suitable for treatment.

Can Brixor also be used outdoors? 

Yes, Brixor is suitable for outdoor use.

I would like someone to come and apply Brixor for me. Is this possible?

We have various application partners. Contact us at to find out if there is one near you.

Can I re-order an individual bottle of Brixor?

No, we only sell complete Brixor sets.

What area can I cover with 1 Brixor set?

Consumption is determined by various factors, such as the size of the tiles and the width, coarseness and porosity of the grout. If a lot of excess material has to be wiped off unnecessarily, this will naturally also have an impact on consumption.

The following information is provided as a guide:

Example of living room: 40 m2 floor (40×40 tiles).

Example for bathroom: 50 m2 wall tiles (20×40 tiles).

Is Brixor easy to apply?

Absolutely! Both trade professionals and private customers say the application process is extremely easy. Take a look at the instruction videos.

Ordering, shipping and returns
Can I return my order?

The unopened packaging can be returned to us.

Up to what time can I place my order?

Orders placed by 11 p.m. will be shipped the following day.

What is the best way to ensure my grouts always look as good as possible?

Clean the grouts regularly. Do not wait until they are visibly dirty/mouldy.

How should I clean the grouts?

Apply the Brixor cleaner to the dirty grout. Leave it for 30 seconds and then wipe away the dirt with a cloth.

Can the grouts be easily cleaned after Brixor has been applied?

The porous grout has been sealed, which means no more dirt can get in. After treatment with Brixor you can simply clean the grouts using the Brixor cleaner supplied. You should use this Brixor cleaner to maintain the grouts. A high-pressure cleaner is not suitable for sealed grouts.