Lab tests

We asked an independent lab to test the long-term effect of Brixor. In heavily used washrooms at a Dutch care institution, both Brixor and steam cleaning were used to combat mould. Four years after treatment, samples were taken and cultured for 48 hours to examine the development of micro-organisms. The result is clear: only Brixor stops bacteria and fungi getting a grip!

Independent laboratory research, Koraal Care Institution
Culture after 48 hours
Treated with Brixor®
Steam treatment
Bacteria (TAMC)
1.260 Kve/cm2
1.800.000 Kve/cm2
Mould (TYMC)
0 Kve/cm2
32 Kve/cm2

 E. coli  
< 9 Kve/5cm2

 95.000 Kve/5cm2