Dealing with mould

Mould quickly develops in damp rooms. If you have tiled walls or floors, mould often attaches itself to the grouts because they are porous. This makes the whole room look dirty!

You can only prevent mould from growing if you solve the cause, such as poor ventilation. With Brixor, mould doesn’t get a grip, making it easy for you to keep the problem under control.

Preventive treatment of grouts

After one treatment with Brixor your grouts are permanently protected. Brixor penetrates the grout and seals it with an ultra-thin coating, preserving its natural structure. This way the grouts stay like new!

Solving mould problems

Has mould already developed? First clean the grouts thoroughly and then treat them with Brixor. From now on you can easily remove mould and thus prevent further problems.

Easy cleaning

After treatment with Brixor you no longer need to use aggressive cleaning agents. You can clean the grouts quickly and thoroughly with the cleaner supplied. This saves a lot of time and is better for the environment and your wallet.


  • Suitable for prevention and recovery
  • Easy and quick to apply
  • Lasting fresh appearance
  • Long-lasting protection against mould
  • No discolouration of grouts
  • Quick and easy to clean