Professional use

Brixor is developed by and for professionals! And has been used successfully in the commercial market for many years. Also in intensively used areas such as hotels, care institutions and hospitals. Read about the advantages for tilers, cleaners, designers & architects. Or watch our instruction videos.

For professional

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For professional cleaners

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For designers and architects

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Think big.

With the patented EasyflowPRO, Brixor is applied quickly and accurately in large spaces.
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Brixor Academy

At our headquarters we have a special training room with tiled floors and walls in all shapes and sizes. Here we teach professional cleaners and tilers to work even more efficiently with Brixor. Ideal for large-scale or repetitive projects.

You can also reserve this space for sales demonstrations to your clients. Because we know from experience: seeing is believing!

Durable result

Brixor is designed to provide long-lasting protection against dirt, discolouration, mould, bacteria and unpleasant odours. Check out the Labresults, Case study and Reviews.

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