Refurbishing tiled walls or floors takes a lot of time and money. With Brixor, you can have a new, fresh look within hours for a fraction of the cost.

Previously, you had two options: clean old grout or remove it completely and reapply it. With Brixor you can repair the existing grout or give it a completely new look.

Restoring old grout

In a single treatment Brixor makes old-looking grouts as good as new. This will revitalise the entire room! Afterwards it is much easier to keep the grouts clean. This way they retain that new, fresh look.

Restore or change the color

Restore the original grout color with one of the 8 standard colors. Or choose a different look with Brixor COLOR. Brixor sinks into the grout (it's not paint!), preserving its natural structure.

Easy to keep clean

After treatment with Brixor, dirt, mould and unpleasant odours have no chance to take hold. From now on you can clean your grouts quickly and thoroughly with the cleaner supplied. This saves a lot of time and is better for the environment.

Durable result

Our products have been used for years on the commercial market. In hotels and care institutions, for example, where tiled areas are subject to intensive use. This professional quality is now also available to consumers!


  • No major renovation required
  • Easy and quick to apply
  • New, fresh look
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Available in every color
  • Quick and easy to clean