Professional Tilers

If clients are not satisfied with the grouting, it often causes a lot of hassle. The bill is not paid, repair work costs extra time and money and your reputation is at stake.

With Brixor you can solve all these problems within a few hours.The grout has not dried properly? Or is the colour of the grout disappointing? Previously the only option was to scratch out the grouts completely - with the risk of damaging the tiles - and grout again.

With Brixor this labour-intensive job is a thing of the past. You can now repair or change the colour of the grout in no time and at the same time protect it against discolouration, dirt and mould.

Restoring grout colour

If joints do not dry properly, dark and light spots develop in the joint which will not go away. With Brixor you can easily restore the even colour your client has in mind.

Changing grout colour

Is your client not satisfied with the colour of the grout? No problem! With Brixor you can easily change the colour of the joint while maintaining the natural structure.

Available in all colours

Choose from 8 standard colours or for a customised colour with Brixor Color. You can match the colour of the grout exactly with the tiles or, on the contrary, create a contrasting colour that gives the whole room a different atmosphere. Just what your client wants!

Durable protection

Brixor penetrates into the grout (it is not a paint!) and protects it against dirt, mould and bacteria.
The grouts can be cleaned quickly and easily and they retain their new look.


  • Restore or change joint colour
  • Easy and quick to apply
  • Prevents discolouration, dirt and mould
  • Optimal and lasting result of your work
  • Available in any colour
  • Satisfied customers