You have undoubtedly chosen the tiles for your project carefully. Now it’s time for the grout! Because this has a big impact on the result of your work.

With Brixor you can easily colour and protect your grouts. Mould, dirt and bacteria have no chance. And cleaning is a breeze!

Available in every colour

Brixor is available in 8 standard colours. With Brixor COLOR you can choose any colour you like, subject to an extra charge. Match the colour to your tiles or choose a striking combination.

Preventive treatment of grouts

After just one treatment with Brixor your grouts are permanently protected. Brixor penetrates the grout and seals it with an ultra-thin coating, preserving its natural structure. This way the grouts stay like new!

Easy cleaning

With Brixor you no longer need to use aggressive cleaning agents. You can clean the grouts quickly and thoroughly with the cleaner supplied. This saves a lot of time and is better for the environment and your wallet.


  • No chance for mould, dirt and bacteria
  • Easy and quick to apply
  • Lasting new fresh appearance
  • Long-lasting protection against discolouration
  • Available in any colour
  • Quick and easy to clean